BBQool - Make Grilling COOL


Item #MSC-4028

The BBMister is the perfect way to keep cool and stay refreshed during any outdoor BBQ. This product features 3 misting nozzles to create that perfect layer of cool refreshing mist, while still allowing you to soak up some Vitamin D. The BBmister comes with a large base surface area perfect for food, cooking essentials, or drinks. An adjustable smart device holder for added entertainment to the user, and adjustable base pole that allows the user to control the distance between the cooking space and the misters.

Features and Specs:

  • Constructed of rust resistant, powder coated galvanized steel
  • Dual Mist system is controlled using an On/Off valve creating a fine cooling mist
  • Rolling base with water tank for easy mobility and use
  • Utensil holder to place your cooking tools between use
  • Base Dimensions: 1'6"L x 1'4"W x 2'1" H
  • Holding Tray Dimensions: 1'4"L x 1'3.5" W
  • Overall Height: 6'9"
BBQool Main Image
BBQool Image 1
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