BBQool - Make Grilling COOL

About Us

The idea for BBQool USA began in 2015 when the BBQool team came together and bonded over their love of food, family and comfort. Living in one of the sunniest places in the world the possibility of outdoor grilling is almost always an option.

Here we believe there is no better way to bond with friends and family, or have a peaceful day alone, than to open up the grill and make your favorite meal. This is why the team here at BBQool came up with the idea to help keep the cook cool and refreshed during any outdoor BBQ.

Our different product lines accommodate the needs of all of our users. Whether you're looking for some shade and protection against the sun or just looking to have a constant fresh mist while you soak up some Vitamin D. BBQool is the perfect summer companion for the grill master in all of us.